Bioremediation by BIORESS

Where nature meets technology 

BIORESS, with focus on microbial mixture, delivery process of chemicals, and equipment carefully chosen for optimized success. Our technology is proven and based on solid science and logic. 


BIORESS is an advanced bioremediation technology that combines nature’s best microbes with state-of-the-art microbe delivery system to treat environmentally contaminated sites.

BIORESS-C is an organic, non-pathogenic, and non-toxic microbial blend of microorganisms comprised of aerobic and anaerobic microbes that are vital to soil & plant life and the Remediation of toxic and hazardous materials.

BIORESS-E is a state-of-the-art equipment and instrument based mechanical system that tests soil and deliver microbes for remediation in required area at precise depth are surface area, optimizing the microbial population for maximum efficacy and efficiency.


By having the right microorganisms and precise delivery mechanism, BIORESS is a technology that makes the difference in minimizing damages, losses, and costs. BIORESS has successfully treated the following environmental events and areas:

  • Crude Oil & Produced water spills
  • Wastewater lagoons and ponds
  • Lease pads
  • Around wellheads
  • Waterways
  • Agricultural lands with high salinity